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Our Commitment to Privacy

  1. We use reasonable endeavours to protecting the privacy of those who access our site and in complying with the Privacy Act, 1988 and the associated National Privacy Principles (“the NPPs“).
  2. It is important that readers of this statement note that we may change this Internet Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy from time to time.


Information collected and use of that Information

  1. We will record your e-mail address if you send us a message.  That address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it.
  2. We collect information when visitors to the site complete on-line forms or send e-mails from links that have originated from the Internet site.
  3. Persons who do not wish their personal information to be used for any particular purpose should not hesitate to advise us of that fact. We will respect those wishes.



  1. Cookies” are pieces of information that websites transfer to an individual computer’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. The cookie assigns a unique identification that allows a website to recognise you when you return to that site.
  2. We use cookies so as to collect aggregated site-visitation statistics. This enables us to ensure that we manage this website effectively so as to provide relevant content to those who access the site. We do not track an individual’s use of the Internet by using cookies and do not otherwise use these tools to obtain personally identifiable information on an individual.
  3. Most Internet browsers enable individuals to refuse to accept cookies.


Link to Third Party Websites

  1. This site may contain links to other websites. These other websites are conducted by third parties and we do not control the content or the information collected on these websites. You should refer to those websites directly or to the authors of those sites to obtain details of the privacy policies relevant to those web pages.


Further Information

  1. Should any person have any queries regarding our use of personal information in relation to its Internet site or have any other queries regarding our Privacy Policy he or she should not hesitate to contact us on


The types of personal information we hold

  1. We are a company that conducts a business that provides legal services to its clients. The kind of personal information held by us include the following:
    1. Personal information collected in connection with clients at the time that instructions are received by us and clients’ files are opened and as later required as part of the delivery of services by us to those clients;
    2. Information collected from members of the public regarding the affairs of clients and other persons connected with litigation or files conducted by us on behalf of its clients;
    3. Information obtained by us through our site;
    4. Data obtained from suppliers, commercial partners and business contacts; and
    5. Information collected from persons attending seminars.


The main purposes for which we hold information

  1. We hold the information referred to above for the primary purpose of enabling us to conduct the services that we provide to clients and the running of our business. In particular:
    1. We collect information from clients so as to enable us to serve the interests of clients by providing a range of legal services.
    2. Information collected from individuals and groups is used by us to provide advice to clients and conduct our business;
    3. Information collected by us with respect to this site is used to assist with the delivery of internet services and to provide data base records.


Contacting us regarding privacy matters

  1. If any individual wishes to obtain more information about the way in which we manage personal information it holds or make a complaint about our activities with respect to privacy and the NPPs, the individual should make immediate contact with us at Click Here

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